Rental Policies

Pretty Picky Rental Policies

How to Book

Once you notify us that you’re convinced one of our Pretty Picky Properties is right for your vacation, you’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions for signing your rental agreement and making your deposit payment, all online. You may pay by either e-check or credit card. Please note that all credit card transactions will incur a 2.75% processing fee. If we do not receive your payment within four days, your reservation hold will automatically expire and that rental term will become available to other guests. Your final payment is due 60 days before your arrival date. You will receive another email in advance of that payment due date, providing you with the details of submitting the payment.

Accidental Damage Protection

In addition to the security deposit, if any, TENANT will secure the property rental with a nonrefundable payment of $50 – $90 (varies by property) for an Accidental Damage Protection program (ADP) that reimburses the LANDLORD for accidental damages to the rental property that occur during your rental term, provided they are disclosed to Pretty Picky Properties prior to check-out. The Program will pay a Maximum Reimbursement of $1,500 ($3,000 for certain properties).


If you have to cancel your vacation for any reason after you’ve submitted one or both payments, but before you take occupancy, and you notify us in writing, we will refund your payment or payments in full — if we are able to re-rent the same term for an equal or greater rate. If we re-rent for a lower rate than you paid, we’ll refund you your payments less the difference. We’ll send you any such refund within 30 days following the specified rental term. Please understand that if we cannot re-rent the property after you cancel, you are responsible for all payments in the original lease contract.  To safeguard your rental payments against loss due to cancellation, we offer travel insurance. Click LINK for more details on travel insurance.

Guest Guidelines

Some Pretty Picky Property owners may request that you sign and return a copy of the “Guest Guidelines,” which is your pledge to abide by certain owner and neighborhood expectations during your stay.

Property Information and Rental Rates

Each Pretty Picky Property is a private home owned by an individual or family. Each property is therefore uniquely furnished, decorated and equipped by its owner. As the rental broker, we keep and update a Property Profile, completed and signed by the owner, which is our only source of information regarding specific accommodations and amenities at each property. While this approach is usually quite reliable, we cannot guarantee that upon your arrival, you will find the property exactly as represented in the photos and descriptions provided at the time of booking. We must be held harmless for any misinformation, typographical errors or changes made by the owner of which we have no knowledge. All rates are reviewed and confirmed by the owner and may change from the original quoted rate.


Apart from the refund procedure described under “Cancellations,” there are no refunds unless the property you rented becomes uninhabitable or the owner cannot deliver “peaceable possession” as defined by law. Even in such a rare case, any refund is limited to the rental fee. No other costs or damages will be awarded for any reason. For example, there is no refund if non-essential appliances and equipment – such as air conditioning, dishwasher, TV/Internet or washer/dryer are not functioning properly. Naturally, we will make every attempt to have any such malfunctioning equipment repaired as soon as possible. We and our owners understand that yours is a very short-term rental, so that time is of the essence when issues arise. And please note: there is absolutely no refund nor relocation to another property if you arrive at the property you booked and, for whatever reason, it simply does not meet your expectations. Refunds are not provided for noise or other annoyances such as construction when the source is another property not owned by the owner of the property you have rented.  Again, to safeguard your rental payments against loss because you have to cancel your vacation or delay your arrival, we offer travel insurance. Click LINK for details.


Your rental property will have been cleaned before you arrive. You are responsible for cleaning during your stay and upon departure, to leave the home in generally the same condition as you found it. We provide a Pretty Picky “Check-Out Check List” to help guide you in your departure preparations and to ensure that your security deposit is protected from assessments for extra cleaning needed after you leave. The Check List is available at the property and usually emailed to you before you arrive.


Your Rental Agreement stipulates the maximum number of overnight guests, including all children, infants and overnight visitors, even if they stay only one night. The Agreement also states the maximum number of passenger vehicles that can be parked at the property. There can be no exceptions to these requirements. Failure to comply can result in default of the rental agreement and vacating of the premises. These requirements are strictly enforced in an effort to minimize impact on the property, including the septic system, which is designed for no more than the occupancy stipulated in the Rental Agreement. Your compliance is expected also out of respect for neighboring owners and rental guests who have the right to enjoy their properties and vacations without too many people and too much commotion next door.

Lost & Found

Although we are not responsible for anything you lose or leave behind at your rental property, in most cases if asked, we will check for any personal property and do our best to return it to you after your departure. You will be asked to pay for any shipping costs and our time to respond to your request.