What do I have to do to prepare my property for summer rentals?

10/19/2013 | by @[email protected] |

Click HERE for the email we send to our owners each spring, detailing the right way to get ready for the summer rental season.  By far the most important single thing you can do is hire a professional cleaning service to do a deep spring cleaning. If you think you can save money by doing it yourself, you’re in for a rocky rental season – and so is your broker, who will be the first to field the complaints from your guests.

Musty smelling kitchen cabinet shelf paper that hasn’t been changed since the Reagan Administration doesn’t fly.  Portable electric fan blades coated with several seasons of fuzzy grime don’t make the cut.  A thorough, professional, pre-season total house cleaning is a must.

It sets the stage for a rental season with fewer headaches. Not to mention more repeat bookings for next summer.

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