I’m worried about damage to my property. How do you approach that issue?

10/19/2013 | by @[email protected] |

We’ll always require a security deposit that is refunded after the guests depart, assuming there is no loss, damage or extraordinary cleaning needed.  We also offer what’s called “Damage Protection insurance,” for which the guest pays a small, non-refundable premium, naming the owner as the beneficiary. This provides greater peace of mind since the coverage exceed the amount of a typical security deposit.

Even if you opt for the Damage Protection insurance, we will still require a smaller security deposit to protect against the need for extra cleaning, the single most common reason security deposits are assessed.  Here’s another intangible added value Pretty Picky offers to give owners still greater peace of mind:  if you or your property manager cannot be on site for rental turnover day, we send our Pretty Picky detailers to the property to execute our Prep Punch List (to see it, click HERE).  Sure, we can fail to notice things, but at least with us on the case, you have both the cleaning service and Pretty Picky checking for loss or damage on turnover day.

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