How long have you been rental brokers?

10/19/2013 | by @[email protected] |

First, we are full-service real estate brokers.  We are licensed to list properties for sale, as well as assist prospective buyers in finding their ideal place on Cape Cod. But we choose to focus on select vacation rentals.  We’ve been doing that since 2003, shortly after we began renting our own cottage on the beach in Brewster (it’s #78-B here on our website).  We could see a real need in the market for a value-added, prime property vacation rentals focus for “picky” owners like us. We also soon discovered that Jim’s and Blake’s marketing and sales experience, coupled with Karen’s organizational and people skills, make us a formidable team that truly understands the right way to do vacation rentals – from both the guest’s and the owner’s point of view.

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