Saturday Recipe and Libation

Spring is here!  Time to start getting those taste buds ready for summer!  Try these Grilled Lobster Tails with Sriracha Butter with a Cape Codder! 

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Take on pests before they take over your Cape Cod vacation rental season.

When your vacation rental guest sees a mouse or an ant in your house, you’ve got a problem. The guests want the pests gone, of course, but many guests, especially those with young children or pets, will not allow an exterminator anywhere near the place. You can offer them “green” products that are safe to […]

03/19/2017 | by @[email protected] | Owner Focus

Safety First! Three preventive steps a Cape Cod homeowner should take before vacation rental guests arrive.

    So you fixed the running toilet, patched the torn screens, scheduled a professional deep spring cleaning and bought some new beach chairs to replace those old rusty ones. You’re all set for the vacation rental season, right?   Not if you haven’t taken the following safety issues into account:   Check your insurance. […]

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Saturday Recipe and Libation

Try this Blackened Tuna with Mango Salsa and pour a Paloma Cocktail!

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Show us a Cape Cod house with a swimming pool, we’ll show you a lot of vacation rental guests eager to jump in.

We’re not talking about an inflatable kiddie pool. Or even a good sized above ground pool. We’re talking about a real pool – in-ground, reasonably sized, ideally heated – with plenty of nicely landscaped and comfortably furnished outdoor living space around it. But wait a minute: We all know why people flock to the Cape […]

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Saturday Recipe and Libation

Got leftover veggies to get rid of?  Mix ‘em with this super risotto and shrimp combo. Goes good with a Cape Cod Blonde. Beach Blonde Ale

03/10/2017 | by @[email protected] | Guest Insider

What’s the best day of the week for your Cape Cod rental turnovers?

Out of the approximately 120 properties we represent and manage for summer rentals, about 88% of the owners schedule their weekly turnovers on Saturday. Most rental guests much prefer a weekend day to start and end their vacation, and most of them prefer Saturday, because when they return home, it gives them an extra day […]

03/08/2017 | by @[email protected] | Guest Insider Owner Focus

Three questions a Cape Cod homeowner should ask every prospective vacation rental guest.

Vacationers will have plenty of questions to ask you about your property and rental procedures, you can bet. Well, it’s a two way street. It’s every bit as important that the prospective rental guest answer the following questions so you know you’ve found a good fit for your property and the vacation experience you know […]

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Here’s your Saturday Cape Cod Recipe & Libation of the week! Serve up this superb salmon dish while sipping on a High Tide. Like going barefoot in the sand

03/04/2017 | by @[email protected] | Guest Insider

Rental rate strategy matters for your Cape Cod property.

Let’s face it, you love that Cape property of yours. You love spending time there. And you love that it can also make a nice income for you, thanks to summer vacation rentals. But before your vision gets too clouded by dollar signs, let’s get realistic about rates. We know it can be hard to […]

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